New Zealand Dangerous Goods

Air Transport Council


The NZDGATC was formed in 1991 after careful monitoring of the activities of a similar organisation in Australia (ADGATC). Some personnel from Air New Zealand and the Civil Aviation Authority had been attending ADGATC meetings on a regular basis and formed the opinion that there was much to be gained from establishing such a council in New Zealand.

In October 1997 the NZDGATC became an Incorporated Society under the New Zealand Incorporated Societies Act.

The aims and objectives of the Council are clearly set out in its Constitution and Rules. Basically they are to promote the highest level of safety in the air transportation of Dangerous Goods, and to provide a forum in which those involved in the various spheres of the air transport and dangerous good industries can openly discuss problems and concerns between themselves and with the regulatory authorities. Additionally, it has the necessary degree of expertise to recommend changes to both New Zealand and international regulations, and undertake to promote public awareness on the core subject for the good of the travelling public.